Dr. Paul Irsigler - Augenuntersuchung, Augenchirurgie

Doctor of your choice (Wahlarzt)


A doctor of your choice is a physician in private practice who has not concluded any contract with statutory health insurance providers. Upon submission of my invoice, your health insurance provider will refund approx. 80 % of all fees that are covered by state health insurance benefits.  Moreover, the remaining excess is tax-deductible.


Doctors of your choice provide services to their patients at the clinic without any time constraint. Other health care facilities and pharmacies accept medical and pharmaceutical prescriptions and referrals issued by doctors of your choice in the same manner as those issued by Health Service doctors. My assistant will be pleased to submit the invoice to your health insurance provider on your behalf!


Full eye examination at my clinic consists of a medical interview, including anamnesis (history), ophthalmic lens measurement, determination of the thickness of the cornea, refraction measurement, visual function measurement, measurement of intraocular pressure and examination of anterior and posterior eye segments. The fee amounts to € 130. Depending on the insurance provider, the state health insurance benefit for such full eye examination amounts to approx.  60; this means that you will receive a refund of approx.  48 after submitting my invoice to your health insurance provider.
Invoices issued to patients who have private or additional insurance cover are prepared according to the current calculation key agreed with the respective provider of private or additional insurance.  Depending on your insurance policy, you will receive a refund of up to 100 % of the invoice amount.

files/paul_irsigler/bankomat.jpgWe accept all credit cards as well as non-cash payment via ATM (Bankomat).